about us.

We help brands wake up and stand out.

As an independent agency in Medford, Oregon, our goal is to help you have your own “revelation”—to reach a turning point in your brand story so that you can begin creating authentic connections with consumers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a legacy brand trying to grow your market share, a challenger brand trying to redefine “normal” for an entire industry, or a corporate brand looking to rise above the noise: Reveil exists to help your brand win.

Growing Out of Advertising
Reveil started in 2013 in Medford, OR helping brands in the natural CPG industry harness digital advertising for growth. After running hundreds of campaigns across a swath of brands, we started to notice a pattern: an alarming number of companies turn to advertising and marketing tactics to compensate for a bigger business problem. In a market flooded with media and noise, even the most established legacy brands are having a hard time reaching their customers. To make matters worse, thanks to digital advertising the cost for brands to reach their customers is on a perpetually upward trend.

We found that our clients needed help cutting through the noise and reaching their target market, but that's often costly and lengthy process; advertising is easier, and therefore the preferred option for most brands. If someone was going to help brands see the need and quantifiable value of a strong brand, it had to start with the people being tasked with growing them: Reveil.

In 2016 we began expanding our services beyond those of a contemporary advertising agency to include a more comprehensive range of brand management services such as brand strategy, brand development, and design. Two years later we started winding down our final "digital advertising" accounts and officially made the switch to being a brand management agency.

A World Beyond Consumer Packaged Goods
The art and trade of branding are not industry-specific. As we leaned into our new focus as a brand management agency, we discovered a world beyond the natural CPG industry and began offering our brand management services to a wider audience, including brands local to our agency in Medford, OR.

Today we are the trusted advisors to a variety of brands ranging from startup business-to-business services to multinational consumer brands. We empower these brands to naturally stand out, cutting through the noise and reaching their markets without the costly budgets typically associated with a national advertising campaign. We help them convert their narrative from a one-sided story to a two-way conversation, making their markets feel understood and emotionally committed to their companies. The result: quantifiable growth.

meet the partners
Reveil Agency Partner | Christian Schwindle

Alex Poythress

Director of Accounts

Alex left his technology career at Coca-Cola in 2010 to pursue his dream of moving to the West Coast and starting an advertising agency. For the next three years he worked a rigorous circuit of marketing management roles before co-founding Reveil in Medford, OR in 2013.

Alex is passionate about game theory, anthropology, and entrepreneurship - a trio that inspires him to foster the world around him. When he's not helping brands grow, Alex is working to develop his community as a Medford City Councillor (2018-22) and as vice-chair of Medford Urban Renewal Agency. He also serves on the board of directors for Rogue Workforce Partnership, SOREDI, Medford Water Commission, Raven Holdings, Inc., and Ballistic Armor Co.

Alex escapes it all by cooking, traveling, skiing and exploring the Rogue Valley with his wife and two children.

Reveil Agency Partner | Christian Schwindle

Christian Schwindle

Director of Marketing & Digital

Christian has spent the better part of a decade focusing on improving systems and processes to maximize potential. He has implemented these changes in marketing teams in $20M - $1B retail companies and turned his focus in 2018 to the agency side, lending his skills and expertise to turn Reveil into a well-oiled machine.

Christian's expertise in marketing makes him the in-house marketing and web development expert. Over the course of his career, Christian's primary focus has been in the CPG space, responsible for well over $250M in consumer online sales. By learning how to determine and target the perfect customer in a variety of marketing channels, Christian has found himself speaking at affiliate summits and national retail conferences, including Shop.org.

Christian spends his free time with his wife and two kids, exploring the West Coast and playing music.

Reveil Agency Partner | Dave Masters

Dave Masters

Executive Creative Director

David is a lifelong artist and designer who grew up creating assemblage installations in his parents’ backyard. He earned his BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 2007 and his MFA from Kent State University in 2013. He has accrued over 12 years of professional design experience. David maintains a fine art studio, and his work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

David and his wife, son, and two daughters make their home in Oregon.