What We Do & Why

If your vision for the future of your brand sounds aggressive, you’re in the right place. We obsess over creating strategies to help brands grow quickly; to spike sales, capture market share, and position the brand for long-term competitive superiority.

A deliberate combination of long-established marketing disciplines and technology is our magic formula for helping brands win on every level – from the multinational consumer brand releasing a new product, to the humble startup with a bold idea. Methodical, strategic, sustainable, and sleepless. This is the Reveil process.

We Leverage Technology to Grow Your Brand

In recent years the Internet has made it incredibly easy for brands to bypass conventional sales and distribution channels, allowing them instead to interface directly with consumers. As a result, small businesses can now undercut entrenched “legacy” brands, grab market share, outsmart competitors with consumer data, and upset entire industries. Every brand manager has read the stories, and many have seen the impact as they lose market share to the “little guys.” The world is truly flat in the 21st century, and brands that treat the Internet like another ad channel rather than the modern marketplace that it is, will lose.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a legacy brand trying to grow your market share, a challenger brand trying to redefine “normal” for an entire industry, or a corporate brand looking to rise above traditional marketing channels: Reveil exists to help your brand win.


Digital Analysis & Planning

Did your mom ever tell you to “listen before you speak”? Remember that advice next time you’re trying to reach your market. Consumers need to feel heard and understood before they will care about your brand – that’s why we say, “Don’t tell your story, start a conversation.”


This may seem obvious, but well established marketing principles tend to suffer with brands when it comes to digital marketing. It is important to remember that, while technology is constantly changing the means by which humans communicate and interact, the principles and motives that drive that human interaction will always remain the same.


Marketplace Brand Management

Engagement in the conventional retail marketplace is entirely one-sided, while digital marketing is entirely mutual. Any brand that treats them the same is going to quickly lose market share and credibility, giving way to a challenger brands that are more transparent and relevant to consumers. Will you be the legacy brand that wins digital, or the challenger brand that takes their lunch?


Of course, for established companies digital branding is like Pandora’s box. With digital comes a myriad of new PR and brand safety nightmares, which traditional tactics cannot solve. Media flooding, for example, will only fuel a negative tweet. You need a new set of tools, and a new way of managing your brand, but it has to be consistent across all channels. We can help.


Results-Driven Advertising

Have you ever noticed that traditional agencies will craft a “brilliant digital ad campaign”, assure you that it will deliver the results you’re looking for, and then put the burden of success squarely on your shoulders? They proceed to deliver impressions, clicks and interactions as promised, yet you’ve spent $2 Million and your top line hasn’t moved.


They didn’t scam you, they actually believe they delivered. It’s just that many agencies make the mistake of treating the Internet like another ad channel, when in reality the Internet is its own marketplace. For us at Reveil, it’s not enough to have a high click-through rate or number of impressions in your latest digital ad campaign. We, like you, are playing to win market share, brand lift and top line revenue growth.