Bare Bones

“Without Reveil, we would never have been able to get to where we are today.”
-Kate Harvey, CEO


In late 2014, Bare Bones enlisted Reveil to help create a new grocery segment and develop their CPG brand. The challenge: the founders had full time day jobs and no significant marketing budget, much less the cash to source mass production, slotting, and distribution of a perishable product. The company was completely bootstrapped, and e-commerce brand development was clearly the most viable option.


Within eight months of taking on the challenge, Reveil was able to help Bare Bones establish and lead what was already becoming a rapidly growing grocery segment. During the same time frame, revenue grew to support the owners, who left their day jobs to focus exclusively on growing the company.


Within 24 months of partnering with Bare Bones, Reveil helped the company exceed $1M in gross sales almost exclusively online, despite exorbitant shipping costs. The brand is now rolling into retail grocery stores nationally.