Cat Connection

Cat Connection was introduced to Reveil in late 2014 by their web developer after expressing frustration with an unprofitable PPC advertising program. As with any marketing tool, a PPC program can have a powerful impact but must be part of a larger marketing strategy. The challenge: create a digital marketing strategy to drive solid Cat Connection click & mortar brand lift.


We quickly determined that a well orchestrated Black Friday promotion would deliver the early success and valuable consumer data needed to produce a strong marketing strategy. The promotion would be primarily digital, and would include the use of all available digital assets including email lists, social followers, website visitors, and recent customers. Two weeks later Reveil executed a successful Black Friday promotion, resulting in the highest grossing weekend that the company had experienced in three years — and without the use of PPC ads.


After the promotion, data and focus groups gave strong indication that the brand was out-dated and perceived by customers as unwelcoming. Reveil went to work developing a new brand. Full rebrand assets included a logo, store signage, business/appointments cards, email program development, blog redesign, and promotional merchandise.


During the rebrand, Reveil concurrently developed a digital ad and influencer deck, establishing the company as a premium supply source for cat owners. The rebrand and early ad campaign results from the campaign showed marked improvement and overall digital brand and sales lift. However, limitations outside of Reveil’s control prohibited us from being able to fully execute the campaign. True to our commitment to put our client’s interests first, we discontinued the campaign.