FiberSight Technology

When the owners of Fibersight approached us they had an unusual challenge: they needed a brand to appeal to a specific clientele, but had no specific product to sell. The idea was to brand a patented technology rather than a specific business or product.


For the logo we used a traditional block style, giving a functional and well-established mood to the brand. Value in this industry is found in time-tested solutions, so when nobody knows your brand, you need to establish credibility. We did this by creating a digital brand presence for Fibersight.


On one hand, we needed to make the Fibersight brand visuals to feel old, established and utilitarian. But the we also needed a modern, progressive feel in the online presence to position them at the front of their industry.


Reveil produced a brand position strategy, logo, corporate collateral, and basic website build, successfully establishing the Fibersight brand as a leader in its industry.