Once Upon A Farm

When we first met Once Upon a Farm in 2016 we fell in love with the brand. Who doesn’t love a company that wants to help raise healthy kids, and has a built-in lifetime value?


The challenge: Once Upon a Farm needed to relaunch their brand and clearly establish it as the first company to introduce “HPP” baby food to the CPG market. And in such a fierce market there is no time for loitering. The fastest way to reach an entire nationwide audience at once? Digital marketing.


The first order of business was to have a development firm build a new website with a shopping cart, a highly customized recurring order feature, and a free trial program. Simultaneously we began building an email subscription list of interested buyers, preparing a digital brand package to educate the market about HPP baby food, and working with digital influencers to set the stage for the relaunch.


Our rebrand package for Once Upon a Farm included a full website user interface design, trademarked tag lines, product descriptors, digital display ads, POP merchandise, retail demo materials, a social calendar, email program development, and PPC ad copy. Eight months after our initial contact with the owners we launched the rebrand. Qualified web traffic immediately increased by 1200%, and sales followed with a significantly improved conversion rate and consumer lifetime value. Overall revenue increased month over month by 42%, with the majority of new conversions being subscriptions.