Siskiyou Cascade Resources

When Siskiyou Cascade Resources (SCR) approached Reveil, the company was exclusively a natural resources company with a very limited (mostly government) market. The challenge: SCR was expanding into the B2B and consumer construction markets, where corporate branding and trust not only matters, but is critical. They needed a fresh brand to appeal to consumers, and they needed it fast.


Given that the SCR brand was built on forestry and natural resources, Reveil was determined to incorporate a “throwback” to the company’s core business without limiting the brand to future expansion. But as any great creative firm, we also needed to avoid the obvious pitfall of taking the name too literally by creating a simple mountain silhouette. The result was a design full of entendres and hidden meanings: mountain peaks, valleys, tire treads, tree limbs, and saw teeth.


The full corporate brand package included two logo versions, website mockups, corporate stationary, utility truck wraps, business cards, baseball caps, and promotional merchandise.