Touchstone Accounting

When Reliable Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc. approached Reveil in 2016, the firm was looking for a full corporate rebrand. The challenge: for 10 years they had built a brand as a full charge bookkeeping company, but were ready to begin promoting their accounting services and compete in the national market.


At the owner’s request, we started at ground zero: the name. “Reliable Bookkeeping Solutions” obviously did not describe the full scope of their services, and focus groups proved the name to be unmemorable for word of mouth referrals. In our research, Reveil discovered that a “touchstone” is a stone used for gauging the quality of gold — a literal gold standard. Focus groups confirmed the memorability and stickiness of the name, and it was finalized.


The rebrand package included the name Touchstone Accounting, a full competitive analysis and brand position deck, two logo versions, corporate stationary, business cards, promotional merchandise, corporate gifts, office signage, a new informational website, and a digital promotional campaign to introduce the rebrand. Reveil completed and delivered the full rebrand package in just three months.