Zip Line Gear

When Zip Line Gear enlisted Reveil for digital branding help, the zip line manufacturer/retailer was having a bit of an identity crisis. Over their years of business, the holding company had manufactured and sold equipment under three different brands and things were starting to run together. The challenge: create a clear brand plan to add clarity and marketability to each brand.


To address the dilemma, Reveil produced a single brand guide. The guide clearly defined parameters and rules for each brand, and ultimately concluded that there was no practical value to having three brands. As a result, one brand would be discontinued to free up resources for the other two brands. Zip Line Gear was designated as the exclusively consumer-facing brand for manufacturing and retail, and Sleadd would be set apart for commercial solutions.


Adding clarity to the brand position for Zip Line Gear has enabled the company to more strategically plan for retail distribution, and optimizes the company’s return on digital marketing.